Why Solar: For Co-ops

The Solar Procurement Framework is designed for small utilities. The language focuses on co-ops, however the tools and resources available also reflect the needs of small munis.

  1. Member Demands Concern for community is the seventh cooperative principle. Distribution-scale solar can provide multiple community benefits including increased local tax revenue and local jobs.
  2. Economic Savings Distribution-scale solar can save co-ops through avoided energy purchases from the grid and avoided demand charges. Given distribution co-ops have extensive distribution grids, energy line losses tend to be high. Distribution-scale solar can be located close to loads on the distribution grid, therefore reducing energy line losses and avoiding transmission charges.
  3. Local Generation on the Distribution Grid Local power can improve grid reliability and resiliency.
  4. Environmental Attributes Distribution-scale solar will benefit the environment by reducing electricity generated from centralized power plants.
  5. Low Risk Contracts When a buyer signs a PPA with a developer, the buyer passes the technological, operational, and maintenance needs onto the developer, therefore reducing technological risk.